Bury Farm

I took Zazu and Storm to their first competitions with me yesterday - Zazu for the Advanced Medium and Storm to do two Novices. I was very proud of the way they both travelled and were quite happy standing in the lorry waiting for the other one to compete. If only Pascal could be half so easy!

Storm was up first with both of his classes and after a nervous start he really settled in the warm up and felt amazing. Unfortunately the flapping flags and a water jump next to the arena proved too much for him and they weren't exactly polished performances. For his first competition in over two years though I was pleased with him and hopefully the more experience he gets the better he will be.

Just before I went into the test with Zazu, mum told me aim for over 50% and that pretty much sums up my expectations for the test! He has never competed before because he has spent so much time growing and learning how big he is it has never felt fair to take him out before. He much prefers the higher level movements so Advanced Medium seemed like a good starting point and he completely exceeded all our expectations, sailing round the test like it was easy! We had a couple of wobbles when the edges of the arena disappeared but even so we managed 70.26% and 1st!

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