Demos and U21's Clinic

Mum and I had a very busy week this week with two lecture demonstrations and a two day clinic for the UK U21's dressage programme.

Zazu and Storm are becoming pros at demos and seem very happy travelling to different yards to show off what they can do. On Monday we went to Froxfield Stud and Saturday we were at Widmer Equestrian Centre for evening demos where we showed our work from ground work to Grand Prix. We had very engaged audiences both days and some great feedback. Storm demonstrated the in-hand work and how we transfer it to the rider while Zazu showed how it can help towards the actual test movements. Zazu particularly seemed to enjoy this and even had a go at some ones!

We were also at the Unicorn Centre both days of the weekend for the Dressage U21's UK clinic run by Carol Hogg. I had a lovely two days teaching nine riders on each, all of whom were very enthusiastic and a pleasure to teach. Carol runs these clinics and the U21's competitions so well! It was her group that originally got me into competing properly and I am really happy to be able to help her out and teach some of the great new riders coming through the ranks. I still remember riding through the Grand Prix on Pascal for the first time at one of her Clinics, with Roland Tong helping me out and convincing me that I could do it!

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