Teaching, Clinics and Demonstrations

Ridden lessons

I enjoy teaching a variety of clients and training horses at all levels  around the UK. My approach to training horses focuses on making sure the horses are supple and strong enough to enjoy working with the rider so that the work at all levels becomes as easy and harmonious as possible.

In-hand lessons

In-hand work allows us to teach horses of all levels how to use their bodies in balance, without the rider on board. Through this type of training, I can help you to teach your horse a variety of training exercises including all lateral movements, piaffe and passage as well as working on specific areas or weaknesses.


The Turville Valley Stud team are available for lecture demonstrations where we show how we work the horses from groundwork to Grand Prix. We are happy to bring our own horses to different venues or to put on a demonstration at Turville. Our aim is to make it a fun and interactive experience, showing a variety of horses to demonstrate that our approach doesn't just work for the competitive dressage horse.